Volunteer With Us

Our nursery will give volunteers the opportunity to work both at the 1 - 10 Children Centre as well as with the children at the orphanage before and after school hours.

Daily tasks will include:

  • Bathing and getting the children ready for school
  • Helping to teach the children English
  • Helping with play sessions
  • Putting the children down for their naps
  • Helping with meal times
  • Arts and crafts with the children
  • School trips and weekend visits

Apply Today

We are a small scale organisation, entrepreneurial in our efforts and therefore will cater the experience to help you get the most out of your time in Ghana and not only with us at Zoe Village Foundation

Get in touch and email zoevillagecc@gmail.com Or Call 024 580 3378 for further details on up & coming sessions or just pop in and enquire.