Village Centre

About The Village Centre

Develop | Nurture | Care

We simply aim to enable children to grow with love in a productive positive setting.

It is of up most importance that when children leave the centre, parents have a more in depth understanding of the child’s development and the children will progress in the following three areas

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Skills

Zoe Village Children's Centre acknowledges every child is special, unique and important.

This is why ZVCC's core principles are "Develop, Nurture, Care", which is at the heart of everything ZVCC does in relation to children.

To ensure every child’s true talent is prudently unlocked developed, nurtured and cared for. To ensure the child is provided the best growth it is imperative they receive a holistic experience which means outside the ZVCC the child must be in an environment that encourages development, is nurturing and provides care. To aid in this process ZVCC carries out the following procedures both post and prior entry.

Get in touch and email Or 024 580 3378 for further details on up & coming sessions or just pop in and enquire.